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Made in Japan | Blossom High Purity NMN 18000 (90 capsules)

Made in Japan | Blossom High Purity NMN 18000 (90 capsules)

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 High Purity NMN 18000mg, Antiaging and restore youth

Antacid capsules that reach the gut, the purity is absorbed as it is! ] For acid-resistant capsules that reach the intestinal tract, NMN with higher purity than ordinary capsules can be ingested through intestinal absorption.

[This type of people recommend NMN supplements! ] Recommended for anyone who wants anti-aging care, who wants to be beautiful forever, who is looking for the latest beauty supplements, who wants to live a healthy life!

【Contains Carefully Selected Ingredients】Also includes NMN Compatible Resveratrol and L-Cystine.

[GMP certified factory production in Japan] We only produce carefully selected raw materials made in Japan in GMP certified factories in Japan, which are safe and reliable.

Anti-wrinkle, increase skin elasticity

Anti-aging, anti-hair loss

Improve mental weakness, vision and hearing problems

Improve concentration, memory, coordination

Strengthen the immune system

Blossom NMN 18000MG High Purity 90 Capsules (Made in Japan)

main ingredient:

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (domestic in Japan), red wine extract powder/HPMC, calcium stearate, cystine

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